The All New Audi A4 – 30TFSI


Engine:                        1.4 L Turbocharged Petrol In-line 4 Cyl.

Power/Torque :          150 BHP Power; 250 NM torque.

Gearbox:                       7 Speed DSG automatic with paddle shifters. FWD

Fuel Efficiency :         17 KMPL

Price:                              40 Lakhs.

img_2086                   When you take a first glance at the new Audi A4, it might look like just a face lift of the previous generation A4. Make no mistake, this is a completely new product. It wears the new generation Audi Design Theme. The huge imposing grill makes sure you do not ignore this sedan. The new twin LED DRLs look like they belong to Tony Stark from Ironman. The design lines are sharper and clearer in this new one. The body line starting from the headlamp cluster sweeps all the way back through the sides and end up joining the tail lamps. The rear may look similar to the new Skoda Superb but it doesn’t fail to impress though. The A4 then has not only grown in size but also in it’s design language. This one is more bold and confident. Even the mirrors now are mounted on the doors and not on the window. These tiny details do not affect the looks much but they silently spell how special the design is.



img_1762Engine:                 The Audi A4 comes only in Petrol variant as of now. Diesel variant is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2017. Now, the engine may be downsized to meet modern emission standards and fuel efficiency, it is no slouch. It produces 150 BHP of power that will take the A4 from 0 – 100 KMPH in 8.5 seconds and still do a mileage of around 17 KMPL. The fuel bills then, will be similar to the hatchbacks that form the major sales in the Indian automotive market.

img_1764Interiors:             The interiors is where the A4 tops the game. Once you step inside the cabin, the price you pay for this lovely German sedan starts to make sense. The interiors, every inch of it, makes you feel you are in a big bad expensive luxury car. And that’s how it should always be. After all, you’re going to spend hours sitting there. The A4 gets the New Audi theme dashboard which was first seen in the new Q7. The AC vents run across the dashboard along with the wood inserts. The gear selector knob which looks more like a throttle knob from an aircraft or a luxury yacht feels very special to operate. The A4 gets the touch pad control for its MMI interface where in you can write anything on the touch sensitive pad with your fingers and the MMI will assist you with what you want to do. If you’re still lazy to move your fingers, you can press voice command and speak what you want. The MMI takes the Indian accent very well and will do most of the things you want the car to do including searching for nearby restaurants if you speak “I am Hungry”.


img_1735The Rear seat has more space and legroom now

Almost everything can be operated via the MMI system. The media interface can play everything from USB, AUX to Apple CarPlay. There’s a wireless mobile charger under the armrest. The A4 comes with 3 zone climate control, a huge sunroof and electrically adjustable seats.

img_1783Audi’s Virtual Cockpitimg_1720

img_1719                   The party piece however is what Audi calls ‘Virtual Cockpit’. The instrument cluster is replaced by a cool LCD screen which displays everything in Ironman style. You can switch to navigation maps, Dials, Technical data etc. It is the coolest gadget in cars nowadays. Coming to the rear, the new A4 has more leg room and space at the back. That’s a good thing considering that most of the cars in this segment are chauffeur driven in India. The seats are also quite supportive and comfortable.


img_1751Driving Experience:                     Driving the A4 feels confident right from the moment you start driving. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving it for the first time. The car wraps around you and feels easy to handle. Since it is a German, it remains amazingly stable and solid even when start building up speed. The DSG has always been one of the best transmissions on duty. Switch to manual mode if you’re in a sporty mood and it gives enough joy to take on the paddles. The A4 only comes in FWD version and no Quattro (Audi’s 4wd hardware). This does means of course, the car may not be great to throw around corners though. The FWD setup kills the cornering ability because of the minor understeer. None of it will bother you on an everyday usage though. It is only when you start driving like a maniac that you will notice these things. Rest of the time the A4 manages itself really well. It even deals with our bad roads wonderfully transferring minimum judders in to the cabin.

img_1733 Huge Sunroof

img_1768Space saver spare wheel sits beneath the boot floor not eating up boot space like in the C class.  

img_1738Aircon vents run throughout the dashboard.

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