BMW Gran Turismo

img_2315Frame-less Doors look classy



Based on the 3 series under the skin, The BMW GT is a completely different package on the outside. To start with, it may not be the best looking BMW around but the proportions and dimensions make sure it looks intimidating and most importantly, it looks special. Priced at around 5 lakhs more than the regular 3 series, the GT is longer and wider. Like the name suggests, the GT aims to be a car that is more focused on practicality, comfort, space along with dynamic and mile munching abilities.



It gets all the bells and whistles you would expect in a luxury car. Electrically operated tail gate, Active rear spoiler that looks so cool other than providing some dynamic benefits, LED headlights wrap the car on the outside. Where as on the inside you are surrounded by the iDrive system with touch pad handwriting recognition system, Paddle shifters, dual zone climate control, electric seats with memory function for the driver seat only, 9 speaker sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, Tyre pressure indicators and a massive panoramic sunroof that adds to the luxury levels. The GT also has a 20 GB on board hard drive memory to store your maps and audio files.

img_2263Reverse parking camera with PDC. 

The raised boot line may make parking this giant a bit scary but there are loads of parking aids for your assistance. There is a reverse camera with guide lines that change according to the steering inputs and a PDC (Park Distance Control) system that gives a graphical and audio warnings for the obstacles while you are parking. The iDrive screen is large enough on the dashboard that displays all the parking aids and other functions. Like the tail gate, the bonnet is also easy to operate and open. The bonnet lever located near the driver foot well, if pulled twice will pop up the bonnet which can be directly lifted up with the hydraulic struts assisting the lift. You don’t need to hunt for the bonnet latch with your hands inside the gap between the grill and bonnet to open it. Small things that make difference.

img_23171Active spoiler pops out when things get dynamic.

Engine :         It comes with the tried and tested BMW 1995cc diesel engine that does duty on most of the BMW cars sold in India. That is for a very good reason, a good one. This engine is well balanced between performance and efficiency. It has an amazing punch when you accelerate hard and is refined and smooth when you just want to cruise at stable speeds. All this while returning good fuel efficiency. It produces 190 bhp and 400 NM torque which gives it a 0 – 100 kmph timing of around 7.7 seconds.

img_23062 litre diesel engine produces 190 bhp power and 400 NM torque.

It comes with different driving modes which alters the engine characteristics according to the mode you are in. The Eco-Pro will enhance fuel efficiency and the power mode of course will help you get aggressive response to the accelerator pedal.


Interiors :    The GT being a wider and longer car compared to the standard 3 series is quite spacious and luxurious for the given price bracket. The huge legroom and space at the back along with the massive panoramic sun roof that runs through the entire roof makes it a very airy and spacious cabin. The driving dynamics of a BMW and the luxury at the back will make sure you are pampered wherever you are seated in the GT. The driver’s seat does get memory function to store your seat settings.


img_2311Panoramic sunroof has a huge opening.

img_2312Amazing amount of space and legroom at the back.

The iDrive controls and other switches are quite ergonomically place. The rear bench gets an armrest with two cup holders. You can buy a couple of screens for the back seat from the genuine accessories option which I would highly recommend to make the back seat a perfect place to be in while you are travelling long distances or even spending time in the traffic. Like the rear seat space, the boot is also humongous and comes with a 12V power socket. The boot lid gets electric shut mechanism.

img_2309Spare tyre eats up some space but the boot is still huge.

Driving experience :       BMW cars are all about the driving pleasure. The GT is a capable long distance comfortable car which you can enjoy driving. The 8 speed automatic gearbox has an amazing manual mode as well, where you can enjoy the paddle shifters or the push and pull gear lever. The gear changes are also pretty smooth. I didn’t get a chance to take it on a winding road. With a 50:50 weight distribution and a rear wheel drive layout, I assure you this thing will be an awesome car to drive on a twisty mountain road. The wide tyres and suspensions enhance the handling and ride comfort. The suspensions are tuned slightly more towards comfort than dynamics here. As a result the GT rides 25 mm higher than the regular 3 series.


img_2325e                   The start stop system works well. It will turn off the engine when it senses a halt after a few seconds and restarts the engine quickly as you lift off the brake pedal. The entire operation is quite smooth. It can be switched off but you won’t find a reason to turn it off.

Summing it up :       The 3 series has always been a rewarding driving experience and is one of the best cars to drive. And so, Gran Turismo based on the 3 series sounds like a good, very good, in fact an excellent package. Driving dynamics of something like a 3 series and the luxury of something like a 5 series or may be even more. It has space of cars way above its segment, boot capacity of almost an estate. It is then a premium family car that can carry 4 adults and their luggage in all the comfort and be a joy to drive. It is a lifestyle car, something more unique than a 3 series and a 5 series. A car that can do daily commute and also serve you on those weekend trips effortlessly.


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