Audi A6 – Not just a fancy pair of Headlights!


Matrix LED headlamps may be the most intelligent and hi-tech headlamps in the world, but this A6 is a lot more than just those fancy pair of headlamps that come on it. Recently facelifted the new A6 now looks more stunning than ever, especially with those ‘Matrix LED Headlamps’. Dig deeper into the car and you will find many more reasons to fall in love with it.

IMG_9094.JPGimg_2766                 The design lines easily help the rather huge and long Audi A6 hide its bulk. It looks dynamic even at a standstill. The striking front end dominated by the huge chrome grill and the LED headlamps looks unmistakably premium. The rear however may not be as good looking as the other cars in the segment like the Mercedes Benz E class and the BMW 5 series. The Mercedes and the BMW are in fact launching the latest version of their players in this segment soon which will make the A6, the oldest of the lot. That said, the A6 is capable enough to give the contenders a run for their money. Let me take you through some of the features of the A6.IMG_9114.JPGAudi Matrix LED Headlamps:   The most advanced headlamp technology, the matrix LED from Audi with the help of sensors, cameras and precision optics alter the distribution of the light beam projected from the LED headlamps. It will blank the beam where it detects an oncoming vehicle and keep the rest of the area well lit. This not only helps the driver of the A6 but also does not blind the oncoming vehicle. Hence it is a feature that benefits other road users along with the driver of the Audi. The system will also increase its beam range above the speeds of 110 km/hr. The lights even illuminate the corners based on the steering movements or when the GPS detects a turn.IMG_9141.JPG

IMG_9129.JPGAdaptive Air Suspensions:   Electronically controlled air suspensions acts individually at each of the four wheels to enhance and alter the handling characteristics according to the mode selected. The Air suspensions even raise and lower the car to alter the ground clearance and suspension travel. The air suspension is backed up by an on-board air compressor.IMG_9084.JPGGesture activated Boot release:   The rear bumper houses a motion sensor that helps you open the boot by just swiping a kick below the bumper. This especially helps when you have both your hands full with bags and the key is in your pocket. You just need to swipe your foot below the bumper, the car will detect the key in close proximity and open the boot lid. Accidentally if the key falls in the boot and you shut the boot lid, the lid will detect the key in the boot and re-open. It won’t shut until the key is removed out.IMG_9128.JPGBose Surround sound system:   The Audi A6 is a mobile concert. The mind blowing, loud 472 watts 14 speaker surround sound system by BOSE is an experience in itself. The sound quality makes the A6 a music lounge. The remote control that comes with the system has an amazingly long range. It can be operated from a far away distance even outside the car. It is an ideal party piece if you are at a beach or camping outdoors with the car, you can turn this car in to a concert.IMG_9090.JPGIMG_9123.JPGThe audio remote control has an amazing range and the BOSE system has amazing sound.

Engine and Gearbox: The 35 TFSI means this A6 gets the 1.8 L Turbo Petrol motor that produces 188 BHP and 320 NM torque. The figures may sound modest but it is amazingly sufficient for the given size of the car. Besides, the A6 is focused on luxury rather than sporty intentions. The transmission is a 7 speed S-tronic dual clutch gearbox with paddle shifters. The gear changes are smooth and impressive. The A6 now does not get the Audi Quattro all wheel drive system. It is a FWD instead.IMG_9138.JPG


Interiors :   The A6 is a huge and long car. It gets a spacious cabin up front or even at the rear. The dials are partial analogue and a big high resolution screen that displays all sorts of  essential information. The MMI screen on the central console can be operated by the dial switch or simply by scribbling on the touch pad. The touch pad recognizes all sorts of hand writing. In fact, I believed the touch pad feature isn’t useful enough for the right hand drive markets since you will have to scribble with your left hand. But when i operated it by myself, it was easy even with the left hand and the system amazingly identified all of the letters that I scribbled even with my left hand.

IMG_9089.JPG                        The rear passenger can electrically operate the front passenger seat to move it away and create huge legroom should you need to spread or stretch your legs. Even without it, the legroom and space at the back is pretty spot on. With great quality materials and typically Audi interior quality, the cabin is a luxurious place to be in. Also there is 4 zone climate control which means each of the four passengers can set their own temperature preferences. Sun screens everywhere to protect you from the sun and the envious eyes on the streets. Eight airbags all around the car make sure you are not only comfortable but also safe in this Audi.IMG_2768.JPG


IMG_9132.JPGDriving Experience : The engine and performance figures may look modest but the car drives sufficiently quick and easy. Thanks to ‘Audi Drive Select’ you have different driving style preference that enhances the characteristics according to the demand. You can set it in dynamic when you are in some spirited driving. Things can be lowered down right up to Eco mode which optimizes fuel efficiency by altering the throttle responses and gear changes. The A6 handles well and does not give any hint of its size. Of course, a Quattro all wheel drive would have been better than the FWD layout feel. But even then, the handling isn’t bad. It is only when you are stuck in a traffic jam, you realize how huge the car is. You need to watch out every corner in the traffic jam.IMG_2789.JPG

IMG_9116.JPG                         Turn on the Auto Brake button and you don’t need to worry about changing the gear from Drive to Park even when you stop. What it does is automatically applies the park brake if it senses the car is stationary and the brakes applied for 2 seconds. It means you don’t have to put it in neutral or park mode every time you halt in stop-go traffic. Just start the car, Slide it into Drive and forget the rest. It’s an tiny but a very useful feature. Parking this giant is also an easy task with the guided reverse camera. IMG_9118.JPGSumming it up :  It is a feature packed well balanced luxury sedan with the most advanced headlamp technology and great features. The only turn away is that the competition in this segment will soon have new and latest cars having all the latest technologies and gadgets making this an old, dated car. The A6 does tick all the right boxes otherwise. IMG_9096.JPG






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