2017 Mercedes Benz E class LWB launched!!





img_3349The dashboard is inspired by the S class but here the dials are analogue.  



Mercedes Benz recently launch its 2017 E class in India at a starting price of 56.15 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai. The E class in India will only be available as a Long wheelbase version atleast for now.

The E200 and E350 are priced at 56.15 lakh and 69.47 lakh respectively. The long wheelbase makes the door and rear quarter glass almost look like a Maybach. It is loaded up to the brim with technologies.


img_3701-jpg-9mov1jpeg-1That’s not an S class, That’s the E! with the front seat pushed back and rear seat reclined.

The rear seat space and comfort is ashtonishing. The seats may not be as comfortable as the S class but they are extremely spacious. Especially the rear legroom. Pictures actually don’t do justice to the amount of legroom available in real life. The seats even recline up to a great angle to provide a relaxing seating posture.

Check out some pictures from the preview and launch event.

img_3320The star dust LED tail lamps are a piece of art.

img_3339S class inspired dashboard.

img_3343You can choose between 64 colours for your interior ambiance lighting.






img_3359 The ancestors to the E class present at the launch.  





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